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2019-11-12 20:29:04

As an entrepreneur the fear of failure while starting a new venture, growing it or taking it to the next level is obvious. In fact, fear is so ingrained in our DNA that we have become conditioned to believe that the absence of failure is a guarantee to success.  While a healthy dose of apprehension and fear is necessary to keep you wary of the impending danger, it can become a burden if it becomes disproportionate to the threat at hand. So much so that it can wreak havoc on your entrepreneurial journey by choking your ambitions, thwarting your imaginations and making every obstacle appear insurmountable.  

To succeed in business, you must conquer your fear of failure and handle it in a way that paves way for meaningful success. Here are 6 ways to shake off your doubts and fear of failure and pave your way to success: 

Change your mindset towards failure: Rather than berating yourself for a mistake, it’s important to develop a growth mindset that can help you overcome your fears of failure and can help you accelerate business growth. Since your mind is in control of everything, it is important to develop a mindset that can help you see opportunities and take action in the presence of fear. Learn to be Optimistic: Rather than procrastinating and brooding over your fears which will fill you with negative energy and will eventually lead you to failure, the best way to deal with your fear is to be optimistic about the future. This will empower you to think positively and break the barriers so that you can take powerful actions to achieve success in business.  Figure-out Your Worst-Case Scenarios: Try and imagine what would happen if your worst case scenario comes true? Though it might sound silly to some, it prepares you to conquer your fears and come up with a quick solution that could minimize the damage.  Bask in on Your Best-case Scenario: Now flip the situation and see what would happen if you take the action you were afraid of taking? Isn’t the benefit worth the risk? As you gradually overcome your fears, you will realize that your best-case situation is wonderful and your worst-case scenario isn’t that bad.  Address Your Fears Head-on: Rather than sitting back and procrastinating things off, it’s important that you take your fears head-on and find a strategy to address them. When you have a proper plan and strategy in place, you will be less fearful and will gain the confidence to handle any situation.  Seek Help and Support: Sometimes the fear of failure is so strong that you dread taking any risk. This is when you need a little extra push from someone close to you. This might be a great way to overcome your fears. Finding and surrounding yourself with like-minded people whom you can relate to, motivate and support you when necessary, and be there for you when fear starts creeping in can help you conquer the fear of rejection.   

To Wrap Up:  

Every entrepreneur has to face fear of failure and rejection during their entrepreneurial journey. However, overcoming the fear of failure is a significant step towards becoming a successful entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship indeed demands us to move past our fear of failure. In fact, it’s simply not possible to reach the pinnacle of success and generate the ROI that is required to be a sustainable business without conquering the fears that stop people from taking action. So, if ‘fear makes the wolf bigger than it is’ then just try to overcome your fears to keep the wolf at bay.  

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